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Here are a few of our most popular Internet Speakers

Florida Internet Speakers : Marcus

Internet Speakers #13365 - Internet speaker presenting the future of the Internet: Bots, Blogs and News Aggregators. Excellent ability to take complicated technical items and translate into very easy to understand layman terms! Many awards .....
Involved with internet and speaking for over thirty years. Keynote speaker to numerous major national organizations ....

Florida Internet Speakers : Bob

Internet Speakers #13828 - We are the largest used clear span tent dealer on the internet. We rent and sell tents and we do event productions of all types and have speakers and entertainers as well. We have everthing for events, and that does mean everything at our disposal. We can do any size event all the way to stadium levels.
We have event planners that have been in the industry over 25 years.

California Internet Speakers : Tracy

Internet Speakers #14166 - Best selling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles, Internationa speaker (UK, AU, NZ, Canada, USA, Malaysia, KL, Thailand, Singapore) and motivator. Award winning internet marketer, coach and mentor. 2009 Top 10 Internet Marketing Women of the Year by Legendary Marketers series 2009 Feminine Leader at International Amazing Women's Day 2008 Stevie Award Finalist for Mentor of the Year 2007 New Internet Marketing Success Entrepreneur since 1985 Mom to 3 kids. asktr
Been an entrepreneur since 1985, started my first company at the age of 19, was called a Whiz kid by the press and media. Continued this trend to my speaking, authoring and internet marketing endeavors today.

Nevada Internet Speakers : Will

Internet Speakers #11655 - Will Roberts is the countrys preeminent Will Rogers Tribute Artist, and now adds 60 news websites that he produces an audio podcast and written story on days events, everyday.All I ever knew I read on the Internet. With millions of news events being sent to the web, Roberts is sure to never run out of things to say. A fantastic touring show and public speaking tour.
Robert Basgall started his career much like that of Will Rogers. A man of many talents, Actor, Dancer, Singer, Magician, and Trick Roper, Robert spent the last 20 years performing. Theater, Touring Projects, Clubs, not to mention Numerous Movie, Radio and Television appearances have made Robert what he is today: jack-of-all-trades master of none.

New York Internet Speakers : Susan

Internet Speakers #10200 - Susan Horowitz, Ph.D., is a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, COMMUNICATION TRAINER, UN ADVISOR IN EDUCATION and CULTURE, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR of QUEENS OF COMEDY, based on her interviews with superstar comedians, and PROFESSOR. KEYNOTES Journey to Success, Diversity, Humor, Health and Stress, Jewish Comedy, Empowerment, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Aging, Executive Coaching, business, speech, develop potential, internet. Dr. Sue enjoys the opportunity to speak, travel, entertain, and motivate.
'NEW YORK UPBEATS' (Sue Horowitz-Singer, Laura Paulman-Pianist)have been delighting audiences for over 4 years. References, CD, and Video of live show available.

Florida Internet Speakers : Paul

Internet Speakers #14592 - Paul F Davis is a worldwide speaker who has touched over 60 countries and 6 continents building bridges cross culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams. Paul is the author of 18 life changing books. Paul's incredible depth and rich writings make him a notable and unforgettable speaker able to connect with and inspire any audience to achieve greatness.
A worldwide speaker for over 15 years, Paul has appeared on numerous international broadcasts from Investors Business Daily, Oprah and Friends to Fox News to talk about success, leadership, relational intricacies, conflict resolution, life balance, and living your dreams. By reason of his global travels, Paul is a highly sought after diversity and multicultural awareness speaker. Playboy Radio Afternoon Advice host Tiffany Granath calls Paul an awesome relational coach and recommends h...

Florida Internet Speakers : Kytka

Internet Speakers #34163 - Whether youre using your book to generate media, speaking opportunities or to attract new customers, it is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. If your typical customer is worth ,000, and you use your book to attract and generate new leads into your business, how much more valuable does your book become? We specialize in positioning you as the expert to attract new leads and more customers. Visit or
I have had a strong online presence since 1995 15+ years of internet marketing, coaching, teaching and training. I am a best selling author and a seasoned speaker.

Just a bit more...

New Jersey Internet Speakers : Adam

Internet Speakers #12117 - Minimum starting budget required is 0.00 as we work on mid-sized to larger events nationwide. Complete Full Service Event Planning for Corporate Events, Private Affairs, School Gatherings, Team Building Days, Tradeshows, Promotional Events, Mitzvahs, and more. DJ/MC/Dancer Teams, Complete Themed Events, Customizable Take Homes, Unique Photo Favors, Performing Acts, Casino Nights, Carnival Entertainment, Arcade Experiences, VR, Sports Games/VR, Game Shows, Money Machines, Trade Show Booths, Theme Decor, & much more. SEASONAL SPECIALS AND DISCOUNTS FOR ALLTIMEFAVORITES CUSTOMERS.
For over two decades Corporate and Private hosts nationwide have entrusted our “Full Service Event Planning Teams” to make their special events, special. Our staff is composed of certified, award-winning event specialists whose creativity is matched flawlessly with their thoroughness and attentiveness to each clients “Individual” needs. They copiously understand that many of our clients are planning events for the first time; and through no fault of their own are not privy to the small nuances that can play large roles in determining the level of success your affair turns to be.

Kentucky Internet Speakers : Susan

Internet Speakers #32189 - Speakers With spark are individuals that will ignite the audience in your meetings, expert high energy and inspirational speakers. These speakers will make any event a success and the planner a hero.
Speaiers with Spark launched last year but Susan Rider, founder has been an international speaker for twenty plus years.

Florida Internet Speakers :

Internet Speakers #3634 - CK Entertainment Speaker Bureau provides speakers for all of your events Nationwide
The Difference is Experience! Are you interested in booking a wedding band for your reception, or would you like to hire an entertainer to come and perform at your next corporate event? CK Entertainment is an entertainment production company and celebrity booking agency that can handle all of your entertainment needs, regardless of how big or small your upcoming event will be. We work with those in a variety of different parts of Florida, including Ft. Lauderdale Palm Beach, Miami Beach, Miami, Naples, Marco Island, Key Largo and the Florida Keys, and we know that you will walk away satisfied when you book entertainment services through us. Hire The CK Band For Your Live Wedding Entertainment For those looking to book a wedding band, we can offer the services of our in-house CK Band. It’s comprised of all of the top studio musicians from throughout South Florida, and our musical director Carey Kleiman can work directly with you to make sure we play the music you want to hear during your reception. It’s your big day, after all, so we want to make sure we run through the hits and get your guests on the dance floor. We keep up to date with the latest trends and popular ideas so we can offer our clients the very best. Some of the celebrity acts we produced and performed with include Ray Charles, Gloria Estefan, Wayne Newton, and The Temptations. Best Corporate Event Entertainment Company in Florida We can also be of service to those corporations out there looking...

Massachusetts Internet Speakers : Mark

Internet Speakers #10479 - Formed over 20 years ago, Boston Party Makers are a full service event and production company. From Children's Entertainment to Wedding Bands, From School Parties to Corporate Events we handle it all. We also can provide Staging, Audio Visual and Performe
Boston Party Makers have been providing entertianment services since the early 80's and under current ownership since 1989.

Michigan Internet Speakers : Tonia

Internet Speakers #50274 - David Tarver is a highly successful technology business executive with an incredible entrepreneurial journey and amazing success in corporate R&D, technology business startup, and social entrepreneurship. He is a leader and innovator. A crowd would be moved to their feet and challenged to take action following Mr. Tarver's keynote or training.
Mr. Tarver has been in the technology field since the early 80's. A pioneer in his own right, he is a trailblazer the technology industry.

Florida Internet Speakers :

Internet Speakers #10767 - We are an international booking agency and management company with offices in Florida, Baltimore, and San Francisco. We manage national acts, athletes, actors, and other entertainers... and can fit budgets from 0 to 0,000 --- any type of event, we have a great solution for you( see website )
We've been in business 24 years as a musical entertainment management company and booking agency.

Florida Internet Speakers : Heather

Internet Speakers #50223 - As a Certified Passion Test Facilitator, I feel privileged and excited to help others find and develop their lifes purpose. I believe you are as passionate in helping your clients as I am and that is why I would like to meet with you to explore how the Passion Test can help elevate the offerings to your clients and workshop participants. I help others to discover the dream they may have forgotten and then to live a joyful and enriching life everyday.
I have more than 20 years in Human Resources Management and more than 15 years in Organization Development. In the past four years I transitioned the people experience to become a Passion Promoter and career strategist.

Ohio Internet Speakers :

Internet Speakers #12116 - Kellie Karl is more than just any Las Vegas entertainer--actress, singer, comedy hypnotist, motivational speaker and certified hypnotherapist--Kellie has raised the bar when it comes to multi-talented, multi-faceted performers.
My entertainment company has been providing entertainment services for over 20 years for cruise ships, casinos, special events, corporate events, private events, parties and special occasions.

Georgia Internet Speakers : Monica

Internet Speakers #10427 - Monica Ricci, expert organizer on HGTVs MISSION:Organization, is author of Organize Your Office In No Time. Through her lively seminars, engaging interactive workshops and inspiring keynotes, she teaches people to overcome procrastination, simplify their lives, and become more effective by focusing on what matters most. Monica holds the core belief that when people understand chaos, clarify their priorities, and create new attitudes they can dramatically and powerfully transform their lives.
I have been a Professional Organizer for seven years, helping business and residential clients remove the roadblocks that keep them from living organized, joyful and productive lives. I have been speaking to groups, companies and organizations for four years and it is the area in my business where I really shine. I love connecting with an audience and inspiring them to change their lives for the better.

North Carolina Internet Speakers : Wayne

Internet Speakers #9959 - We are a worldwide Entertainment Agency with offices in the SouthEast U.S., NorthEast U.S. and Hong Kong. We specialize in booking and management of Top-Name Acts and Tribute Shows.
We have been servicing the entertainment market needs for 18 years.

Missouri Internet Speakers : Gary

Internet Speakers #50742 - Gary Wilbers & Rod Long with Ascend Business Strategies offer Educational, Business & Non Profit Motivational Speaking; High Performance & High Achievers Business Coaching; Hiring & Retention Training, Time Management Training, Employee Coaching Training, Communication Training, Leadership Training, Conflict Resolution Training & many tools for Individuals, business & organizations.
As founder and CEO of Ascend Business Strategies, Gary Wilbers is applying his passion for helping others with inspirational keynote speeches, business coaching and leadership training. Ascend Business Strategies began as a Professional Development Company that concentrated on People, Productivity & Profits. Gary has been an entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses in Missouri since 1990. His strong belief that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it established his lifes foundation. The first business he built, Mid-America Wireless, started as a small two-man company culminating with ten regional storefronts and over 150 employees. Using his success as the foundation he created High Achievers Mindset. He specializes in public speaking and training and is a certified trainer for High Performance Coaching. Gary is also involved in his community giving his time and resources to several organizations. His passion, lies in his work with Special Olympics Missouri.

Ohio Internet Speakers : Matt

Internet Speakers #14486 - We offer two group presentations. 1. Senior Drivers Vs. the Aging Process 2. Parents with Aging Parent Drivers
24 years experience in the area of seniors and safe driving.

Virginia Internet Speakers : Mark

Internet Speakers #1882 - As an award winning entertainment agency, Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is the national leader in designing headline entertainment and production services for facilities, corporations and associations. Since 1985. Offices nationwide.
5 offices around the country. In business 17 years.

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