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Jordana Sands Attitude Speaker NYC New York I have twenty years entertaining the public as an actress, singer, comic, psychic, relationship expert, and 5 years lecturing on personal development and motivational speaking. I havae two books published on the subject and have written many articles on the psychic sciences. I am as home on a stage or one to one.
I have been entertaining and supplying entertainment packages to restaurants, clubs, hotels, organizations and charities for over 20 years.

Insight Consulting Attitude Speaker Jersey City New Jersey I do my entertaining speaking and party planning with metaphysical and magical flair. I love to entertain and plan parties and am a unique party card reader as I as comfotabel roving as I am sitting offering one-to one readings.
I have been offering metaphysical entertainment services for over 20 years.

The Robert Taylor Band, Robert Taylor Talent Agency, A-Side Records, Charmont Publishing Attitude Speaker SCRANTON Pennsylania I have many years of experience in the entertainment, speaking arena. I personally feel, and my students have felt that after going through our seminar they came out as a different person with completely different thoughts. As far as music I haven't meet anyone after hearing my music that was dissappointed. I have many great reviews when it comes to both seminars, and my band playing.
Seminars 30 Years The Robb Taylor Band 40 Years

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